Workshop on Practice and Theory of Access Control Technologies

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Extended deadline for submissions December 24 2004.


WPTACT'2005 is the satellite workshop of the Montreal Conference on e-Technologies MCETECH 2005.


The workshop will take place on the 19th of January, 2005 (the first day of MCETECH 2005) at the downtown Holiday Inn, Montreal.

Overview and Scope


Since the advent of the Internet, the possibilities of intrusion in computer systems, information theft via the network and other security incidents, have not ceased to grow. At the same time, complex legislation is being developed to protect information privacy. Experience shows that a security breach in a computer system can involve many damaging consequences that are generally irreversible. As a result, the protection of information and resources against unauthorized access has become one of the major challenges of the computer security research field.  A large variety of techniques and tools have been elaborated and proposed, over the last 20 years, to help the protection of computer systems and their data. Despite their considerable contributions, the problem is far from being solved and any new efficient method, technique or tool that helps in the exploration of this subtle minefield is more than welcome. 

In this workshop, particular attention is given to the systematic use of formal methods, techniques and tools in order to prevent or detect intrusions. More precisely, topics of this workshop include (but are not limited to):

        Specification and detection of intrusions,

        Specification and verification of firewalls,

        Access control requirements and models,

        Role based access control, and related models,

        Languages and models for access control,

        Automatic generation of access control rules from policy requirements.

The workshop will provide a balanced mix of technical papers, implementation experiences, applications and case studies.


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