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Chaire d'Infomation Financière et Organisationnelle, CIFO (ESG-UQAM)

Paper Submission, a RePEc Team service

Submit your paper in the RePEc archive to gain greater visibility. For example, your working papers become searchable with Ideas and can be disseminated through the NEP e-publications.
There are two methods to get your work included. First, the tutorial explains how your institution can set up an archive. Second, if your institution is part of the RePAd network, you can directly send your work to us.
Note that even if you have no work archived yet, you can still be included in the EconPapers authors directory.



The goal of this tutorial is to help your institution build an electronic archive. With such an archive, your institution's publications will be listed on RePEc and its various services, like the web-based bibliographic databases, the alerting email lists, citation analysis, and services for authors.

If your institution archives its papers with RePAd
send your paper to: christiandotcalmesatuqodotca


About the RePAd project

The RePAd project is managed from theDépartement des Sciences Administratives de l'Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO), part of the Université du Québec network. The department partners include École Supérieure de Commerce Extérieur, and the Chaire d'Information Financière et Organisationnelle, CIFO (ESG-UQAM).
RePAd is financed by the Fonds Institutionnel de Recherche (UQO). It aims at enhancing the diffusion of electronic information with a comprehensive content designed for researchers, students, and practioners interested by issues in business administration, public policy and related fields of economics, statistics and probability.


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