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Other Possibilities of Collaboration

The PRC offers a wide range of possible collaboration activities with industry and government partners. Our laboratories provide not only a variety of fiber-optic instrumentation and measurement systems, but also several unique sensor fabrication technologies. These platforms are based on Long Period Gratings (LPG), involving both UV irradiation and arc discharge technologies, Enhanced Evanescence Probes (EEP) and Intermodal In-Fiber Interferometers (III). These device configurations can additionally be functionalized and enriched by a variety of thin films deposited on fiber devices to sense specific parameters using the Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) or Fluorescence Quenching (FQ) effects. Our Center can technically support not only advanced research, but also prototype development of a variety of photonic sensing technologies in collaboration with the industrial partners.

A wide range of metrological services is also available, involving high and low (static and dynamic) pressure calibrations against primary standards, fiber device transmission and polarization characterizations, source and detector testing etc.