Yasser Chiniforooshan

Aleksandra Czapla

Yasser Chiniforooshan received his Ph.D degree in science and information technology from Université du Québec en Outaouais, his M.Sc in Photonics from Beheshti University, and his B.Sc in Physics from Shiraz University. In his Master he worked on magneto-optical modulators and sensors. His main focus in his Ph.D studies was on fiber-optic fluorescence sensor for the application of chemical hazard detection. He has also received the SPI-UQO industrial Mitacs postdoctoral fellowship (2016) on photonic sensor systems for safety and security. His broad research interests include optics and photonics, fiber-optics, numerical methods, sensors, fluorescence spectroscopy, fiber grating, electro/magneto-optics and microfabrications. His research is currently focused on the area of fiber-optic sensor systems and related device applications including biosensors.

Telephone: 819.595.3900 ex 1619
Fax: 819.773.1638
E-mail: chiy03 [at] uqo.ca