PGMT Downloads
The PGMT distribution consists of the seven files listed in the table below.

The DOC_LIC and COPYING files outline the conditions of the GNU Free Software Foundation on the use and distribution of PMGT and should be read before installing the software. The two pdf files can be read and printed using the acrobat reader available from These files provide the names and contact information of the members of the team who developed PGMT as well as copies of their papers and manuals.

The three gzip tar files contain the PGM2 software, free third party software used by the tool, and a second copy of the documentation. The support software package is only needed if some of the software mentioned under systems requirements is not already resident on the system or javaHelp is not part of the installed java runtime environment.

COPYING GNU General Public License 2003/10/08
DOC_LIC GNU General Public License 2003/10/08
SUPPORT.pdf PGMT documentation in PDF format 2003/10/08
CONTRIB.pdf list of contributors in PDF format 2003/10/08
PGM2_DOC.tgz gzip of PGMT documentation 2003/10/23
PGM2.tgz gzip of PGM2 2003/10/08
PGM2_SUP.tgz gzip of ancillary software 2003/10/08
pgmt-1.0-gui.tar.gz version 1.0 without documentation 2004/09/29
pgmt-1.0.tar.gz version 1.0 without GUI and documentation 2004/09/29

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