To get your own working copy of the source for PGMT

Execute the following script:
set CVS = /usr/local/bin/cvs
setenv CVS_RSH /usr/local/bin/ssh
setenv CVSROOT
$CVS login
$CVS co pgmt/PGM2
or simply, execute the following commands (using csh):
setenv CVS_RSH /usr/local/bin/ssh
setenv CVSROOT
cvs login
cvs co pgmt/PGM2
CVS will create (in your working directory) a new directory called pgmt with two files: Be aware that the cvs repository is quite big (75M). The reason is that it contains some support software (54M) and the documentation (12M). Installing a complete copy of PGM2 at NRL takes about 35min. but executing the command 'cvs -n update' takes only 2 sec.

To browse the CVS Repository