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Gestion de la performance avec les produits de l’étagère

Performance techniques for COTS systems



Erik Putrycz, Research associate. National Research Council of Canada.



A Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) product can be defined by, a product that is:

  1. Sold, leased or licensed or the general public;
  2. Offered by a vendor trying to profit from it;
  3. Supported and evolved by a vendor;
  4. Available in multiple, identical copies;
  5. And used without internal modification.

Much of the functionality of modern systems is provided by COTS products, ranging from stand-alone elements like a web server or database system, to platform software or an operating system, to embedded functional components like a calendar manager or an inventory-management Java bean. A COTS products can be a software library, an end-user product, or a framework (closed or open source).

Unlike traditional custom systems built from scratch by one or many developers, COTS-based systems consist of several products that are assembled to implement the requirements. This new concept for building software has tremendous impacts on all the software activities ranging from the management to the implementation and maintenance. For instance, the traditional waterfall process (requirements first, then architecture and implementation) is not applicable in COTS-based projects. After the COTS products selection, the products capabilities are becoming drivers of the architecture and implementation of the system. Also new factors such as the interoperability between the products and the way they can be integrated together have to be taken into account in all activities.

The objective of this talk is to describe the challenges, existing solutions and new research for managing and implementing COTS-based systems with a focus on performance concerns.

Topics include: 

-          COTS overview and benefits;

-          COTS specific activities in a project;

-          Managing performance in complex and distributed COTS-based systems;

-          Building performance models;

-          Tracing and logging in COTS-based systems;

-          Methods and tools for analyzing traces;

-          Example/Demo with Tomcat and MySQL.


Auditoire visé: Pas de pré-requis pour cette présentation. La présentation sera faite en français mais les diapositives seront en anglais.


Erik Putrycz is a research associate at the Software Engineering group of the National Research Council of Canada, where he is currently working since May 2003. He received his Ph.D. in December 2002 from Institut National des Telecommunications (Evry, France). His main research interest is COTS software with a focus on performance analysis. He worked before on middleware, load balancing and resource management for large scale networks. His Internet address is erik.putrycz@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca



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