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General information on our programs in project management

The Université du Québec offers four graduate programs in project management.These programs are network-wide and managed jointly by the seven members of the Université du Québec network.

Program Orientations - Professional and Research

* Each program has its own diploma : Master's Certificate - Short Program Master's Degree - M.Sc. Master's Degree - Short Program Diploma - DESS Master's Degree - MPM

  • Master's Certificate - Short Program (15 credits)
  • Graduate Diploma - DESS (30 credits)
  • Master's Degree, professional orientation, MPM (45 credits)
  • Master's Degree, research orientation, M.Sc. (45 credits)

These programs are offered on part-time and full-time basis. The usual time required for part-time studies is one year for the Short Program, two years for the Diploma and three years for the Master's Program.

On a full-time basis, the Short Program can be completed in one term, the Diploma in one year and a half and the Master's Programs in two years. Time required may vary according to the term in which you begin your program (Fall or Winter).

Credits earned in these programs may be transferred within the Université du Québec network so that students required to move from one region to another may pursue their programs without academic penalty.

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