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Project Management : a Field with a Future

Noting the spectacular growth of project management, Fortune Magazine said some years ago that it would be the profession of the 21 st century.Why is there such enthusiasm for the field? Essentially because project management has proved to be particularly well adapted to the world in which organizations today are called on to operate, where they must constantly perform "sets of interdependent activities leading to delivery of new services, according to strict deadlines, under rigorous performance, quality and cost constraints, in a complex, uncertain context that involves many partners."

The resemblance between that description and the definition of a project is no coincidence.

A Multitude of Fields and Careers

It is not surprising that project management has found a place in so many fields, including construction, engineering, information technology, research and development, pharmaceuticals, transportation, the environment, energy, agriculture, tourism, trade and distribution, the social sector, education, health, and federal, provincial, regional and municipal administration.

International Recognition

Project management has its own world-wide professional association, the Project Management Institute (PMI), which has numerous chapters in Canada and Québec. The PMI grants an occupational title, Project Management Professional (PMP).

Cutting-Edge, Inspiring Training

As a project management student, you will learn to conduct feasibility studies that determine whether an idea deserves to be pursued, and if it is worth pursuing, to define the resulting project in terms of strategy, and to implement it effectively and efficiently.Your courses will give you a chance to confront all aspects of a project: the technical factors, of course, such as risk assessment and management, scheduling of activities, cost management, and quality management, but also the art of managing a team, motivating human resources, and handling negotiations on environmental issues, for example.

As you progress, you will be exposed to basic disciplines such as computer science, psychology, strategic studies, political science, finance, accounting, economics, law and marketing, all from a very concrete, highly targeted perspective

In short, you will master everything you need for traditional MBA-type administration or management, and in addition, you will acquire a results­ oriented way of thinking and acting. Projects are aimed at creation and innovation, so they have a short life span and must translate into results or measurable changes.


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