International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis (ICFCA 2010)
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Jean Vaillancourt received his PhD in 1987 from Carleton University in Ottawa. He was by then already Professor of mathematics at the Université de Sherbrooke, where he became Associate Dean of sciences in 1997. Four years later he became the first Dean of research at the Université du Québec en Outaouais, where he is currently University President (“recteur”). He is also Adjunct Professor at UQAM in Montreal.

Throughout his career, his main research projects have revolved around the following two unifying themes. The first theme is mathematical modeling in situations where nonlinearity and randomness affect the continuous movement of large numbers of particles, such as the turbulent flow of a fluid, the genetic evolution of a large population of bacteria or the fluctuation of the value of a commodity on the financial markets. The second theme is statistical modeling as required by the ongoing development of content-based image databases and searching systems, which require the identification of those mathematical characteristics that best suit a framework of multiple comparison tests for the purposes of automatic indexation and retrieval. He believes formal concept analysis offers new and challenging avenues of statistical research as well as rich opportunities for cross-pollination between the two fields!

M. Vaillancourt has served the scientific community on numerous occasions and in several capacities, amongst which are the board of the Statistical Society of Canada, the University Research and Education Commission of the Quebec Provincial Superior Council on Education, as well as several evaluation committees of the National Research Council for Science and Engineering of Canada.

During this time, he successfully directed or codirected six Masters and six Ph.D. theses, as well as three postdoctoral fellowships. He has given over thirty conferences at national and international venues, as well as intervened on a regular basis as referee or reviewer for many journals. A complete list of his peer reviewed publications can be found at:

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