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Accepted Papers

Sebastien Ferre.
Conceptual Navigation in RDF Graphs with SPARQL-like Queries.
Pierre Colomb, Alexis Irlande and olivier raynaud.
Counting the number of Moore families on n=7.
Sébastien NEDJAR, Alain CASALI, Rosine CICCHETTI and Lotfi LAKHAL.
Constrained Closed Datacubes.
Christian Meschke.
Approximations in Concept Lattices.
Vincent Duquenne.
Lattice Drawings & Morphisms.
Uta Priss and L. John Old.
Concept Neighbourhoods in Lexical Databases.
Felix Distel.
An Approach for Exploring Description Logic Knowledge Bases.
Felix Distel.
Hardness of Enumerating Pseudo-Intents in the Lectic Order.
Henri Mühle and Christian Wende.
Describing Role Models in Terms of Formal Concept Analysis.
Annie Foret and Sébastien Ferré.
On categorial grammars as Logical Information Systems.
Raoul Medina and Lhouari Nourine.
Conditional Functional Dependencies: an FCA Point of View.
Mikhail Klimushkin, Sergei Obiedkov and Camille Roth.
Approaches to the selection of relevant concepts in the case of noisy data.
Yoshiaki OKUBO and Makoto HARAGUCHI.
An Algorithm for Extracting Rare Concepts with Concise Intents.
Amal El Kharraz, Petko Valtchev and Hafedh Mili.
Concept Analysis As A Framework For Mining Functional Features From Legacy Code.
Rudolf Wille.
Formal Concept Analysis of Two-Dimensional Convex Continuum Structures.
Mikhail A. Babin and Sergei O. Kuznetsov.
On Links between Concept Lattices and Related Complexity Problems.
Florent Domenach.
Aggregation of closure systems: case of hierarchies, topologies and convex geometries.
Mohamed Riadh Trad, Benedicte Le Grand, Marie-Aude Aufaure and Michel Soto.
Powerconcept: Conceptual Metrics' Distributed Computation.
Xavier Dolques, Marianne Huchard, Jimmy Lauret, Clémentine Nebut and Philippe Reitz.
Easing the building of model transformation: a tool for transformation generation by example based on Formal Concept Analysis.
Peter Eklund and Jean Villerd.
Hybrid Representations of Concept Lattices in Conceptual Knowledge Processing.
Zhenghua Pan.
Five Kinds of Negation Relations in Knowledge and a Logic Description.
Ali JAOUA, Mohamed SALAH, Sadok Ben Yahia and Jihad A'L Jaam.
Using Fringes for Minimal conceptual Decomposition of formal Contexts.

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