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Building the future together

Envisioned Goal

Worldwide, organizations will embrace, value and utilize project management and attribute their success to it. 

Courses Taught 

MGP7093A Quality and Standards in Project Management

  • Objective :  This course is intended to introduce students to modern approaches in quality management for the various phases of the project life cycle. 
  • The deliverables: This course will follow the project management life cycle from the initiation processes up to the closing processes.  Consequently, the participant will learn methods and practices that:
    1. Define how to conduct quality management activities for a project;
    2. Perform the quality function in project management;
    3. Perform cost of quality analysis;
    4. Use tools and techniques in project quality management;
    5. Perform quality assurance and quality audit in project management; and
    6. Monitor and control quality.
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