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Synchronization and Restriction in Petri-Box Calculus

Our objective was to increase the strength of expression of the Petri-Box Calculus in order to modelize, for example, the simultaneous reading in a divided variable, which before was outside the scope of the PBC. This limitation was due to a very rigid schema of the synchronization operation whose advantage however was that it guaranteed some important algebraic properties of the PBC.

In [FK94] we proposed a first solution to this problem, by making the synchronization (and the restriction) schema parameterizable by synchronization algebras la Winskel [Win86] in a way to preserve at the same time all the algebraic properties which made the original properties so attractive.

This work was further developed in my PhD thesis (chapter II.1), where some important generalizations have been added, especially at the level of the representation of synchronization primitives [Fra96].

Wojtek Fraczak