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Petri-Box Calculus (Project ESPRIT-Caliban, PhD)

Petri-Box Calculus (PBC) is an important result of the project ESPRIT BRA 3148 DEMON [BDH92]. This algebra was developed, among others, with the objective of giving a compositional semantics to parallel programming languages. The PBC semantics consists in the domain of the Petri-Boxes . The Petri-Boxes (Boxes ) are the equivalence classes on the labeled Petri nets. In fact, the Boxes can be seen as ``black boxes'' whose labels play a role of the interface due to which the Boxes can be combined with one another.

I actively participated in the continuation of these works within the European project ESPRIT Caliban, during my PhD. The results, which for the most part have been published in the acts of international conferences, are summed up below.


Wojtek Fraczak