You will find on this page some documents, articles and questionnaires developed by our Lab. Before consulting them, please note the following important considerations.

For the documents produced by the Lab, always indicate in writing the source and respect copyrights (reproduction, etc.). Copyrights always belong to the document's authors, except for article reproductions. In that case, copyrights belong to the scientific journal who published the article. For all documents, authors are not responsible of other people use (for example, use of the therapist's manual for specific phobias for people who aren't competent to use it).

For the questionnaires, always indicated the source and respect copyrights. It is usually a good courtesy to inform one of the authors when one of his questionnaire is downloaded directly from the Lab's website, just like in this case.

The therapist's manual represents the treatment protocol used by the research assistants and the UQO Cyberpsychology Lab for the treatment of specific phobias in adults, using virtual reality. If you wish to consult the contents of this program, please click here. (For a better view of the document, open in a new window)


You will find below a link that will direct you to some helpful documents created by our lab for the use of virtual reality immersions. The protocol explains how to reduce risks associated with cybersickness in virtual reality immersions and the pamphlet suggest some preventive measures to all participants using virtual reality. (For a better view of the documents, open in a new window)

In addition, the following technical guide explain how to use virtual reality equipment.


Note that most of our questionnaires are French-Canadian versions that were validated by our Lab. The original English version available on this site are revised version that were not validated. Reference of their original versions are cited below (For a better view of the documents, open in a new window):