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Renaud Paquet

An explanatory model of participation in union activity.

Renaud Paquet & Jean-Guy Bergeron

We present a model explaining variations in worker participation in union activities based on concepts drawn from social psychology and industrial relations. Participation is considered the behavioral component of union commitment. The worker who takes part frequently in union activities is dissatisfied with work and views union participation in a favourable light. In addition to the two aforementioned explanatory variables, the extent of coworkers participation, the union's communications strategy, and the characteristics of the work performed must be taken into account. Empirical testing of the model was conducted using a sample of 1,200 union members (of which 457 responded) employed by the Government of Canada. The model accounts for 48 % of the variance in the degree of union participation.

PAQUET, Renaud et Jean-Guy BERGERON (1996), "An Explanatory Model of Participation in Union Activity", Labor Studies Journal, volume 21, n° 1, pages 4-18.

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