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Renaud Paquet

Does Interest-Based Bargaining (IBB) Really Make a Difference in Collective Bargaining Outcomes ?

Renaud Paquet, Isabelle Gaétan and Jean-Guy Bergeron

This study seeks to specifically identify what kinds of compromises result from IBB or interest-based bargaining and what differentiates agreements that are reached using this method from the ones that are negotiated through more traditional forms of collective bargaining. The authors compare the changes to collective agreements in 19 cases that used interest-based bargaining and the changes to agreements in 19 cases that used more traditional forms of negotiation. Their analysis reveals that clauses dealing with joint governance and organizational innovation underwent more changes when the parties adopted the IBB approach. In addition, IBB has given rise to more union concessions.

PAQUET, Renaud, Isabelle GAÉTAN et Jean-Guy Bergeron (2000), "Does Interest-Based Bargaining Realy Make a Difference in Collective Bargaining Outcomes?, Negotiation Journal, vol. 16, no 3, pages 281-296.

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