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Guy Bellemare

End Users: Actors in the Industrial Relations System?

Guy Bellemare

The paradigm elaborated by John T. Dunlop in his landmark 1958 volume, Industrial Relations Systems, described the aforementioned system as consisting of three actors, namely, unions, employers and the State, thereby creating a convention that has been adopted by scholars and practitioners in the field to this day. Over the past few years, the call to expand upon the notion of actors in the industrial relations environment has become more and more widespread, but no one has yet suggested how this integration might be implemented. The main objective of this paper is to propose an analytical model of the actor and to explore how the latter could be applied in the case of public urban transit users. Finally, the author takes an unequivocal position in favour of the existence of this fourth actor in some industrial relations systems and describes some avenues of research that are opened up by an analysis of the notion of actor.

BELLEMARE, Guy (2000), "End Users: Actors in the Industrial Relations System?", British Journal of Industrial Relations, à paraître.