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Mission and Mandate

It is common thing to affirm that work and its institutions are in full mutation. Unions, main defenders of work and working people, are dragged in deep upheavals under the combined effect of globalization, closures, technological changes, transformation of the role of the state and the setting up of a new work ethic. No industrialized country, nor any economic sector of activity is saved. Researchers of the CEREST are interested in the problems arising from these changes and, more especially, those which affect work, employment and unionism.

The ties between working people and their employer is changing: most of new employment is now precarious, the attachment with the organization is replaced by occupational comittment, the notion of career takes different forms, the physical environment of work widens, the organization of work seems to be democratized.

The labour mouvement often makes the expenses of these upheavals, with the decline of permanent jobs and the difficulty to penetrate the new economy. It tries to redefine itself through the development of new strategies, which hold in account the new contexts. Pay and employment equity, partnership, democratization of work, qualifying training take seat beside the more traditional concerns of the defense of members ommediate interests, of the building of power and the negotiation and enforcement of collective agreements.

By its research and study activities, the CEREST tries to better understand these phenomena and to analyze the orientations of the various actors who, in turn, give a direction to the transformation in progress. The CEREST aims at developing research partnership with labour organizations, employers and governments on subjects which are related to the transformation of work and its institutions and to the above mentionned problems. Thse research are aimed at helping the organizations in their operation, their strategy or their planning.

Research activities in 1999-2000

1. Research on youth involvement in unions.
Partner: Ontario Public Service Employees Union
2. Research on membership participation in the union
Partners: Public Service Alliance of Canada, Ontario Public Service Employees Union, Syndicat des professionnels du gouvernement du Québec, Syndicat de la fonction publique du Québec
3. Research on working conditions in the community sector
Partners: Chaire de recherche en développement communautaire, CRISES, International Labour Organization
4. Research on local labour management relations in the federal public service
Partner: Treasury Board Secretariat (Fryer Committee)
5. Research on union strategies for membership involvement
Partner: Syndicat des employés municipaux de la Ville de Hull (CSN)
6. Research on work reorganization in the public service
Partners: Quebec governement, Syndicat des professionnels du gouvernement du Québec, Syndicat de la fonction publique du Québec


Bellemare, Guy: Work Sociology Laplante, Normand: Health and Safety
Gosselin, Éric: Industrial Pyschology Paquet, Renaud: Collective Bargaining, Unionism
Harisson, Denis: Work Sociology    


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Mission and Mandate
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