Welcome to my professional homepage. I am (assistant) professor at UQO since December 2018.

My research is mainly about the interactions of agents and / or people in computing systems.
I'm interested in distributed systems from a multi-agent standpoint; distributed systems often mean decentralized control over distributed data, and I'm interested on how this data can be accessed and in issues of trust. I'm also interested in so-called social machines, where people and agents interact through computational systems. I am particularly interested in ethical dimensions of these interactions. I work with game theory, protocols, and I like building systems that work and do interesting things.

In terms of teaching, I am in charge of the main programming course offered at UQO. I've taught it every fall and winter term since Winter 2019, and I'm constantly trying to improve my teaching and evaluation techniques. I've also taught a Programming Langages course.
At the graduate level, I teach a course on Distributed AI, about every aspect of agent interactions. It covers basic concepts of multi-agent systems, social machines, game theory, social choice theory, and multi-agent learning.

   To work with me

I like collaborating with other researchers around the world, so think any of my work sound interesting, or if you'd like to interest me in your own work, shoot me an email.

Students: I am always interested in hiring good students, although I don't have much funding available for new PhDs at the moment. Note that UQO is a French language university and all paperwork and online documentation is in French. The admissions process is described here. It is possible to study for a PhD and write the dissertation in English, but not understanding French will be a handicap.

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